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Dear Old Man / Old Woman,
my name is Massimiliano Di Palma (Max). I am 38 years old. 

My Radioamateur call-sign is IZ5LJB.
I am a neo licensed radioamateur; I got my callsign on April 2007.  I live in ‘Tuscany’, North Italy.


I never had an Rtx before, neither a Cb Rtx, but I always liked to listen to shortwave broadcast radios, even if very occasionally..
I am a Tibetan art, history and religion student and I decided to listen to the shortwave radio called "Voice of Tibet", so I did use an old and small shortwave radio to pick up that station.
I began playing with that radio and with long wire antennas, this revived my old SWL passion.

I started listening for some months any “far away” station and I decided to get an Ham licence.

I am very happy to contact people distant from where I live.
My station is quite simple and in these pages you will find some info about if.
Serenity & happiness to you, old man.


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